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Konkore Universal Super Fitting ™

konkore logoThis one electrical fitting interchangeably connects GRC, IMC and EMT and eliminates field threading in order to speed installation.

product of the year

Konkore Fittings is pleased and honored to announce  that the Universal Super Fitting, one of our latest  product innovations, was recently named a category winner in the prestigious 2017 EC&M Product of the Year competition.

Universal Super Fitting captured the Fittings (Conduit & Cable) title after a thorough review by a group of independent judges. The panel of judges, represented electrical professionals from the engineering, contracting, and plant facilities and maintenance industries. The category winners will go on to compete for the 2017 Product of the Year Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards.

Think about what the Universal Super Fitting could do for you:

  • Speed of Installation – Just Insert the conduit and tighten the compression nut
  • Reduce Labor Cost – Connects quicker than Standard Couplings and 3-Piece Couplings
  • Reduced Material Cost – No need to purchase or inventory 3-Piece Couplings
  • Flexible Design – Easy transitions for GRC, IMC and EMT
  • Eliminates Field Threading – Connects to threaded or unthreaded product saving labor and space on the job site

Learn more about the Universal Super Fitting today!

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    “I really appreciate the help! Y’all are great to work with! Thanks!”

    Ron Brannon - R&R Supply Co - Montgomery, AL August 30, 2015

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